We are a group of young adults and college students who make up the ministry of Adoration Life. We have been called to gather 1,000 different churches together for prayer, worship, and service at East Tennessee State University. Our team is primarily composed of young adults, however, we are now expanding and have a Board of Directors, Prayer Council, and 25 Primary Members (young adults and college students). We are in the process of creating a 501c3 Non-Proft so Adoration Life can be an official ministry for the public. Our purpose is to honor Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, unify the Body of Christ, Restore Appalachia from opioid abuse, and build leaders. We hope you will join us in our efforts!

Executive Director:

  • Thomas W. Cook


Assistant Director: 

  • Brittney Stubbs:


Board of Directors:

  • Trish Tanner
  • Rev. Doug Tweed
  • Ellen Turner
  • Bob Hickling
  • Lee McCullough
  • Brittney Stubbs 
  • Thomas W. Cook

Prayer Council:

  • Rev. Sheldon Livesay
  • Pastor Alan Evans
  • Pastor Doll Evans
  • Terry Whitson 
  • JoAnne Daniel