In the summer of 2016, Thomas Cook, a 24 year old graduate from East Tennessee State University (ETSU), was led by God to gather 1,000 different churches together for a public prayer and worship service in Johnson City, TN.

The idea originally began as a collaborative worship service between the ETSU campus ministries (The Campus Wide Worship) and turned into a call to gather area churches together to pray and worship Jesus Christ. After graduating from ETSU, God called Thomas to give up $1,000 as a sacrificial offering when money was very tight. After wrestling with that decision, Thomas finally gave in and gave up the $1,000. A few weeks later, because of his obediance with his money, God specifically called Thomas to gather 1,000 churches together for a prayer and worship service. Upon prayer, guidance from multiple ministry veterans, and hearing a quote stating, “take on a challenge so great it is doomed for failure unless God is in it.” Thomas submitted to the faith calling, and to relying on God for the endeavor. He knew this was a challenge God was specifically asking him to take on.

Thomas set out on the journey, and has been fortunate to have been accompanied by an amazing group of young adults, current ETSU students, and alumni to take on the challenge. The Core Team of individuals met every two weeks to diligently plan and work on making the mission a reality. A large event called Adoration 2017 was created to fulfill the endeavor by God to gather 1,000 churches together, and upon learning of the terrible prescription drug abuse epidemic in Appalachia, the team decided to fully embrace the epidemic and make it their social cause seeking to mobilize the Body of Christ to work together to Restore Appalachia. 

Adoration 2017 took place in the Mini Dome at ETSU on October 1, 2017. Over 260 different churches, 24 different denominations, and over 2,000 people attended the first event, and as a result, a new student organization at ETSU was born bearing the name of Adoration Life. Adoration Life has three purposes; Honor Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, unite the Body of Christ, and Restore Appalachia from prescription drug abuse. Adoration Life became an official non-profit public benefit organization in 2018 and they then hosted their second worship conference called Adoration 2018! Now the team is planning to host Adoration 2019 on Saturday, September 28th with the same goals: Honor Jesus Christ, serve the local church, and restore Appalachia. We believe 1,000 churches are stronger together! 

We invite you to join us in this story as we seek to gather 1,000 different churches together in one location!!