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Each church must appoint ONE Church Representative, with the approval of the lead pastor or highest authority, and fill out the below commitment form to be approved and officially counted as one of the 1,000! Once the form is submitted and completed, you will receive a confirmation email from our Church Representative Coordinator Kaylea Ottinger.


Church Representative Commitment Form for Adoration 2018

The Church Representative is an esteemed position held by a trusted church individual. The person fulfilling this position is  committing to attending Adoration on the day of the event (October 21st, 2018) at the location of the event (ETSU Mini Dome). The Church Representative has to be a member of a local church or the pastor of a local church. Our vision is to see 1,000 different churches come together for a public prayer and worship service. The Church Representative will be the official representation of his or her church for the event. We are recruiting 1,000 Church Representatives for the event from different churches in order to have an official number of the churches who attend. The Church Representative must be approved by his or her pastor (all other members of the church, of course, are invited and encouraged to attend).

Responsibilities of The Church Representative:

– Check in at the Church Representative Check In Table at Adoration and be your churches official representation for the event.

– Be the official liaison between his or her church and The Adoration Core Team for communication.

– Spread the word and enjoy the event!

*In the event an emergency prevents you from meeting the responsibilities of The Church Representative, you will pass The Church Representative responsibilities on to another trusted church member.

Participating Church Agreement:

To become one of the 1,000 participating churches, you must agree to the statements below:

  • Jesus Christ is God Almighty.
  • Jesus Christ is an equal part of the Holy Trinity with the Holy Spirit and God.
  • Jesus Christ is The Word of God incarnate.
  • Jesus Christ validates the Bible as the true Word of God.
  • Jesus Christ freely offers forgiveness of sin and eternal life to all those who repent and believe on Him.
  • Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.
  • Jesus Christ walked on the earth as fully God and man.
  • Jesus Christ lived a perfect, sinless life.
  • Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross for the sin of all humanity.
  • Jesus Christ came back to life three days after he was crucified and later ascended into heaven.
  • Jesus Christ was replaced on earth by The Holy Spirit who abides inside all true believers.
  • Jesus Christ now sits on the right hand of God and will one day return.
  • Jesus Christ is the only way to God, the Holy Spirit, forgiveness of sin, and eternal life.

By filling out this online form and checking this box, you affirm that you and your lead pastor/highest authority have read and fully agree to all of the above statements and you specifically have been approved to be the official representation of your church at Adoration. Both you and your lead pastor/highest authority agree to our Participating Church Agreement, you allow our team to use your church’s name on our website and promotional material, and you agree to meet the responsibilities of The Church Representative.